We are thrilled to introduce to you all, Sweet Meadow Weddings & Events! Sweet Meadow is located in the heart of Durham, Maine, just about 30 minutes north of Portland. Sweet Meadow is a place to revel in the beauty of nature. An idyllic 35-acre meadow with stunning views of lush pasture, woodlands, apple trees and a pond. The variety of spaces around our property will create a memorable journey over the course of your wedding. Photo opportunities abound, with your choice of our gardens, pond, apple trees and a meadow that captures “golden hour” perfectly. A special thank you to the town of Durham, planning board and our neighbors for their input and support. We are very thankful for this opportunity. This wedding venue wouldn’t be possible without your support. Stay tuned and keep up to date for more updates on our Facebook and Instagram. 

With Love, Todd, Leigh, Lindsey, Evan



“This is a family-run operation and we want you to feel like family.” Leigh will tell you this and, from the moment you meet her, you know that she will treat your wedding with the same energy that she shares with her family and friends. “We want to develop a lifelong relationship with you because you are entrusting us with the celebration of your marriage, one of the most important days of your life,” explains Leigh. “Sweet Meadow is my passion and I want your day to be hitch-free”.



Lindsey has been fascinated with the wedding business since she was a child. Once she finally got married to Evan herself, she dreamt about organizing weddings herself. When her Aunt, Leigh Fisher, decided to create Sweet Meadow, a partnership was born and Lindsey is realizing her dream of organizing weddings professionally.

Grounds Expert


A master craftsman, Todd Beaulieu has been building homes since he was 8. It’s this lifelong dedication to his craft that he also brings to Sweet Meadow as he oversees our fields, road, power, wifi and all things associated with infrastructure.

Everything Else


Evan has lived near Sweet Meadow his entire life, and has been dedicated to doing everything he can to help out at the venue. A building materials salesman by day, Evan has spent most of his weekends driving race cars across New England, and on his off weekends you will see him at Sweet Meadow helping any way he can.